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We are manufacturers of forklifts batteries and other equipment with electric engines for the transport of materials. We have more than 50 years of experience offering the best quality and price.
We manufacture any type of battery
We manufacture any type of battery
Five-year warranty
Five-year warranty
Factory prices
Factory prices
Cells and parts
Cells and parts
Repair and Maintenance
Repair and maintenance

Types of industrial batteries for forklifts

Flat plate battery

Flat plate battery

Technology tested and established in the market. It is 100% recyclable and has an excellent return on investment.
  • Proudly assembled in Mexico with MADE in USA materials
  • More resistant and robust construction compared to tubular technology.
  • They support very demanding operations.
  • It adapts with excellent performance in operations that require the 3 types of charging: conventional, opportunity, and fast.
  • Long useful life.
  • No need for a safety system.
Lithium-ion battery

Lithium-ion battery

Recent technology with an excellent long-term return on investment.
  • High efficiency.
  • Totally maintenance free.
  • They support ultra-fast charging.
  • For operations of 3 shifts or 24 h.
  • For cycles with very short charging times (Complete charging 1 hour.)
  • With an extremely sophisticated safety system.
Tubular plate battery

Tubular plate battery

Optimizes the use of lead to decrease the cost of raw materials. With a shorter life time unlike other technologies.
  • They provide more energy in a smaller space.
  • Commonly used in Europe, where hours of operation are less demanding.
  • Some specific imported forklift models require this type of battery.
  • For conventional and opportunity charging.
  • Safe batteries without the need for a safety system.

Benefits of our forklift batteries

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    Demanding quality control in all our processes, from the mixing of lead to its formation and assembly.
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    We use the best raw materials in the battery industry, key materials are MADE IN USA
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    Our forklift batteries are adaptable to any model or type of electric vehicle.
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    We cover all voltages from 12 to 80 volts and build to order for specific applications

Frequently asked questions when purchasing a forklift battery

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Benefits of our industrial forklift batteries

  • Immediate availability in the main line models.
  • Very short production times (less than 2 weeks) in models on request.
  • Pre-sales and after-sales technical support.
  • Custom design according to the application and equipment where they will be used.
  • We have batteries for specialized brands.
  • Competitive costs in our integrated solutions, from recycling to battery assembly.
  • Spare parts with immediate availability.
  • We take your obsolete batteries as part of the payment for your new equipment.

Forklift Battery Life

The useful life of a battery is directly correlated with its temperature: when it increases, its useful life will be shorter. With an 8 h daily use, our batteries have a useful life of 5 years or more.

Forklift Battery Considerations

Its useful life and temperature are affected by certain activities that can improve it:

Lead batteries

  • Poor Hydration
  • High discharges
  • Not charging them properly
  • Lack of Equalizations
  • Lack of proper cleaning and maintenance

Lithium batteries

  • High discharges, not charging them properly, and equalizations (these 3 factors are restricted by the manufacture of our batteries)
  • Lack of proper cleaning and maintenance

Know your warranty

They have a five-year warranty according to the policy. For our lithium batteries please consult your sales agent.

Some technical specifications

We cover forklift batteries from 12 to 80 volts and we manufacture specific applications upon request.

Why are we your best option?

Its useful life and temperature are frequent due to certain activities that can generate an increase:
  • We have a network of advisers in Europe and USA to always have the latest technology in the development of our batteries.
  • National after-sales service network through our distributors.
  • We market the most recognized brands of service accessories worldwide.
  • We have 60 years of experience in the lead-industry, having extensive knowledge of lead processing.
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Our mission is to be the most agile and constant organization, offering reliable products in energy storage, unbeatable service, and competitive prices.

We are located in Monterrey, Mexico, with more than fifty years in the lead-transformation industry and with a high level of integration.
Our mission

Successful projects

We have helped large companies like yours to solve their problems and be more productive with our forklift batteries
Reduction of time in the development of special batteries for Asian equipment

Reduction of time in the development of special batteries for Asian equipment

We provided a customized model taking our automotive manufacturer client since the American brands were not suitable for their equipment from China.
Custom design for European special teams

Custom design for European special teams

This shoe manufacturer client requested the manufacture of a special-battery model. This represented a problem for the distributors of the brand.
Only national manufacturers in multinational tender with the best service

International bidding proposal as the only Mexican unique battery manufacturer

We developed 15 batteries for a 3-month trial period for equipment in full-time operation to evaluate their performance, obtaining highly satisfactory results in terms of service, response times and general performance.

Know the products and solutions that we have available.

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Ofrecemos toda una solución integral para mejorar la productividad de tu empresa
Cargadores de alta frecuencia y convencionales

Cargadores de alta frecuencia y convencionales

Los cargadores ACCESS están listos para conectarse en red y generar reportes, son ideales para cualquier tipo de necesidad y brindan una carga potente y eficiente de sus baterías. Conoce también sobre el control completo de tu flota de baterías.
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Sensores, sistemas de hidratación y administración

Sensores, sistemas de hidratación y administración

Representamos a Abertax, empresa alemana creadora de los mejores sensores LED de nivel de electrolito para que su batería siempre se encuentre hidratada. También proveemos de sistemas de llenado automático marca BFS que facilitan una hidratación completa y eficiente.
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Mover, lavar, cargar y acomodar sus baterías

Mover, lavar, cargar y acomodar sus baterías

Maneja con seguridad y eficiencia cualquier situación de tus baterías. Desde racks de mantenimiento hasta sistemas totalmente automatizados para intercambiar sus baterías en operaciones complicadas y de gran volúmen.
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