Usage and market applications
Forklifts and material handling

Forklifts - Material handling

Improve the logistics of your plant with adequate power supply and world-class deep cycle batteries. We have monitoring systems and everything necessary for the management and control of your batteries.
  • Ground support at airports
  • Forklift Batteries
  • Forklifts and pallet jacks
  • Batteries for locomotives
  • Etc.
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Railway power

Railway power

Solutions for vehicles running on batteries underground and in other explosion hazard zones, these batteries operate under demanding underground conditions. This equipment require additional protection against electric shock, and we cover this need with high efficiency products, providing users with high quality equipment for the heavy mining industry.
Motor power

Personnel carriers

We provide complete solutions for electric vehicles that facilitate your everyday tasks. Different applications require different types of batteries, we have a variety of models to perform with the highest performance standards in different environments. We can add value and make your operation more efficient with the solutions we offer.
  • Cleaning Machines
  • Industrial vehicles
  • Mining Equipment
  • Golf
  • Marine
Aerial platforms

Aerial platforms

Scissor lift batteries allow industries to work in hard-to-reach areas and perform safely at height. Scissor lifts provide workers with a solid and safe environment to carry out their daily tasks. Scissor lifts are an integral part of many work environments. Continuous and daily use of these scissor lifts means they have high power demands. We can help you with the solution for your operations.
Industrial Sweepers

Industrial sweepers - Scrubbers

Industrial sweepers are among the most important tools in the cleaning industry. These vary in size and performance, so they require powerful batteries to function. The wide range of batteries we offer is perfectly suited to the needs of the cleaning industry.

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