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From a loading rack to an automated multi-level exchanger system, Sackett is setting the standard in the industry.

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Since 1897 Sackett has earned a reputation for reliability and durability in the design and manufacture of the highest quality equipment. Sackett is the leader in the safe handling, recharging and storage of industrial batteries and modernization for battery rooms.

The complete line of battery exchange equipment includes:
  • Hydra-Handler single, double, triple, quad, or five stack systems with battery charging stands
  • Battery transfer carts
  • Overhead extraction
  • Battery washing systems
  • Automated charger monitoring systems
  • Battery maintenance equipment
  • Safety equipment in battery room
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Products that we put at your disposal

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Manual battery exchangers

Manual battery exchangers

Manual transfer carts are like stands on wheels that are used to eliminate aerial lifting operations by allowing the user to roll the forklift batteries from one unit to another.

All Sackett manual transfer carts fully pull the battery from the forklift by placing it on the cart. No additional handling is needed. The rollers in the battery compartment are available to modify most non-roller forklifts.
Skate Mounted Exchangers

Skate mounted exchangers

Sackett Systems PJTC Series are Skate Mounted Battery Exchangers, which used in conjunction with roller stands are ideal for forklift applications with 5 feet forks or less.

These trolleys mount to almost every Pallet Jack for a safe, versatile and economical battery exchange.
Track Mounted Exchangers

Track mounted exchangers

Sackett offers solutions adapted to the specific requirements of any operation. Users can convert their manual, on-air swap operation and reduce their battery swap time.

In operations seeking to reduce battery space with Charging Stands of ,2,3 or more levels, Sackett can design exchange systems.
Stands for battery charging

Stands for battery charging

Charging stands for lateral extraction that are used to place your batteries in charge or idle.

With options that adapt to your operation and available space, from single-level stands to multi-level systems
Traveling cranes

Traveling cranes

Sackett's traveling cranes eliminate the high cost of a bridge crane or jib crane. Track-mounted hydraulic wheels ensure a smooth ride.

With controlled speed, batteries are easily and safely transferred from the vehicle to a designated battery station. Built for continuous use, this robust A-frame provides years of safe and reliable service. With available capacities of 2 and 3 tons and 10 to 20 feet of separation distance, track mounted, hydraulically powered.
Battery washing systems

Battery washing systems

Protect the investment made in your batteries with a SACKETT BATTERY Flushing System with its exclusive NEUTRALIZATION CYCLE. Regular washing and neutralization of your batteries reduce or eliminate corrosion of terminals and cables, as well as the accumulation of dirt and debris on the top of the batteries. All models incorporate the same unique wash, neutralize, rinse, and purge system. They vary only in the method used to move the batteries in and out of the washing machine.
Accessories for battery handling

Accessories for battery handling

Equipment necessary for the correct and safe handling of batteries in your battery room.

From a complete safety equipment, deionizers, hydrogen detectors, safety showers, or any other device to facilitate maintenance tasks, we can give you support.
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Our mission is to be the most agile and constant organization, offering reliable products in energy storage, unbeatable service, and competitive prices.

We are located in Monterrey, Mexico, with more than fifty years in the lead-transformation industry and with a high level of integration.
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baterías para montacargas

Baterías para montacargas

Fabricamos baterías de tecnología placa plana y representamos tecnología tubular Europea, logrando satisfacer cualquier necesidad que se demande en el mercado. Ofrecemos baterías que se adapten a cualquier modo de carga.
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Sensores, sistemas de hidratación y administración

Representamos a Abertax, empresa alemana creadora de los mejores sensores LED de nivel de electrolito para que su batería siempre se encuentre hidratada. También proveemos de sistemas de llenado automático marca BFS que facilitan una hidratación completa y eficiente.
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Cargadores de alta frecuencia y convencionales

Los cargadores ACCESS están listos para conectarse en red y generar reportes, son ideales para cualquier tipo de necesidad y brindan una carga potente y eficiente de sus baterías. Conoce también sobre el control completo de tu flota de baterías.
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