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We seek the highest energy efficiency, technology, and productivity of your operations, extending the life of your batteries with our forklift battery chargers

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Micropower Access Industrial Battery Chargers are network ready and report ready, ideal for any need and provide powerful and efficient charging of your batteries.

Access 50 charger

Access 50 charger

Access 50 is a three phase charger with capacities up to 5 kW
  • 24V 80-130A
  • 36V 60-100A
  • 48V 60-80A
Access 100 charger

Access 100 charger

Access 100 is a three phase charger with capacities up to 10 KW
  • 24V 150-200A
  • 36V 130-150A
  • 48V 100-165A
Access 200 charger

Access 200 charger

Access 200 is a three phase charger with capacities up to 20 KW
  • 24V 300-400A
  • 36V 300A
  • 48V 200-330A
Micropower Distributors

Micropower Distributors

We represent Micropower in Mexico, a Swedish brand known worldwide for its battery chargers for electric forklifts of unmatched quality. It is certainly your best option.

Why choose Micropower Access chargers?

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    Access models are chargers that generate statistics and communicate wirelessly with other chargers or laptops. They are highly efficient and powerful battery chargers that can be used in most traction batteries.
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    The best forklift battery chargers for dusty environment, outdoors, cold rooms, and tropical environments.
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    Easily programmed to perform various functions the way you want them to, it constantly monitors the condition of the battery and automatically compensates for variations in battery temperature, battery age, and battery conditions.
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    Best Battery Choice: Helps you select the best battery available in the battery room.
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Complete control of your battery fleet

Batteries always fully charged

Access line chargers can be connected to each other in specific groups by means of radio frequency. When the battery change is made, the Access charger indicates if the battery is the one with the optimal state of charge.

A green light will indicate which battery to choose

The Access Charger clearly indicates which battery should be selected by turning on a green light on the monitor to make changing as quick and easy as possible.

Take control of your batteries

It is possible to install an Access BMU (Battery Monitoring Unit) monitoring unit in each battery, this keeps in contact with the Access battery charger through radio communication. Battery status and charge status information can be downloaded with Access's USB service tool.
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