Forklift lithium batteries

LION BRIX is the complete and flexible Lithium system recognized worldwide for its unmatched quality.

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LIONBRIX is the most complete lithium battery system on the market, as it includes everything from chargers to modular lithium-ion batteries with a management system for security and communication. Its system can reach a voltage up to 1000V and has a capacity of up to 700 kWh.

Modular lithium ion battery system

The Prime Power LIONBRIX battery system has a modular base, is fully integrated and optimized to meet the highest demand for the most difficult applications. The battery modules are easy to handle and assemble into different battery sizes.

Complete and fully integrated

LIONBRIX is the system that can manage quick adjustments, large volumes, and complete integration. Prime Power and Micropower Group are known in the industry for the quality and technology of their lithium-ion batteries and high quality products.
Forklift Lithium Batteries

Why choose our forklift lithium batteries?

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    Our delivery time is 8 to 10 weeks, when others can take up to 24 weeks.
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    We have sealed and configurable modules according to design (Increased capacity in the same tray).
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    Specialized design that meets customer requirements.
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    Our product chemistry is the safest, highest-performing and highest-specific energy.
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    We have the best Price – Quality ratio.
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    Integrated electronics that guarantee safety.
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    Easy integration into vehicles with lead acid battery.
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    Local support.
Battery lithium
The LIONBRIX motor-material handling solution is ideal for forklifts, AGVs, airport equipment, boats, ferries, automated warehouses, city buses, among others.

Modular Battery

  • Standardized modules in cell voltage.
  • EBRIX unit with BMS and integration.
  • IBRIX indicator for driver or CAN bus integration.

Easy to integrate

  • Integrated LION charger.
  • Fits current and new models on the market.
  • Complies with the manufacturer's requirements.


  • Robust design.
  • Complete software and electronics.
  • Quality components.

Fully integrated and flexible.

Forklift lithium batteries manufactured with the highest quality standards and alarm status protocols for an unmatched safety.
BRIX battery modules

BRIX battery modules

Brix lithium ion modules are made up of 3 different sizes for greater versatility, 105 Ah, 150 Ah, 210 Ah. With voltages up to 1000V and 700 kWh.

Brix modular batteries

The integration of the components is managed by the eBrix, a battery management system that is in charge of the balance, safety, state of charge, communication, and storage of the battery, which ensures minimum energy consumption and maximum life cycles. Available in 24V, 36V, 48V, 80V and 96V.
BRIX battery chargers

BRIX battery chargers

LION high frequency chargers are highly efficient for any Lithium-ion battery on the market. 1 and 3 phase chargers with capacities up to 40 kW, we also have on-board chargers with high degree of IP protection.The chargers can be accompanied with various accessories to improve use in demanding operations.
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Our mission is to be the most agile and constant organization, offering reliable products in energy storage, unbeatable service, and competitive prices.

We are located in Monterrey, Mexico, with more than fifty years in the lead-transformation industry and with a high level of integration.
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Forklift lithium batteries in retail companies

Forklift lithium batteries in retail companies

A wholesale grocery customer wanted to streamline their battery performance and operation to decrease downtime from battery replacement and unnecessary transfers to the battery room.

We manufactured lithium-cell batteries with the necessary charging amperage for a continuous operation at 95% efficiency, and thanks to this:
  • They considerably cut their routes and dead times.
  • The percentage of completed orders was increased.

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