Battery Watering Filling Systems

The BFS system: A synthesis of technology and design

More efficient
Save time
Safe and risk-free

Servicing and caring for the battery can be a complicated task and time consuming process, that has its own perils. An automatic battery watering system is the best alternative

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    Efficient: No need to remove caps and water cells manually.
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    Accurate: The electrolyte is consistently maintained at exactly the same level.
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    Safe: No risk of injury from battery acid.
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    Time saving: The time required to water a battery is significantly reduced.
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    Cost savings: Saving time means saving money.
The bfs Plug

The bfs Plug

The plug is at the heart of the bfs system. Many different versions are available, and by offering our customers the greatest selection on the market, we make sure that a perfect system is available for any battery type, in any application.

This is how the bfs plug works: Water that flows through the bfs plug into the cell raises the electrolyte level and brings up the float. Acting on a set of levers, the float and float spindle control the shut-off valve. In this way, the lever shuts off the valve with 2.5 times the buoyant force - our patented solution. The water flow is reliably interrupted. With the electrolyte level going down, the valve opens automatically. Whenever the system is reconnected and the watering process reinitiated, electrolyte rises to the required level. A water trap integrated in the plug prevents intercell flashovers. The functionality of this device has been tested successfully and certified by the University of Malta.

The bfs plug is available for all common cell vents. While the push-in plug is in one piece, the bayonet and threaded plugs consist of a basic plug combined with an adapter - another one of bfs’s patented designs. A variety of different clip-in floats is available to adjust the electrolyte in the cells to the required level. With this technology, bfs is able to provide watering systems in nearly all areas of application.

A white level indicator in the plug allows the electrolyte level for each cell to be monitored. When you open the plug lid, you see the inspection opening, which makes it easy to measure acid density using a hydrometer.

System Components bfs

The complete bfs system consists of float-operated watering plugs made from acid-proof plastic material; a hose system made from high-quality transparent PVC; all necessary connectors and other accessories such as filters, flow indicators and self-sealing couplings. If desired, parts of the system can be delivered in flame-retardant material. Because bfs develops all components of the watering systems in-house, we can guarantee that our system lives up to the highest standards of quality and performance.

Battery water system features

Universal Application

Universal Application

Whether a bfs system is used in a forklift, in a small street sweeper or a vast solar power plant, the functionality and handling remain the same. There are neither special requirements in terms of filling pressure nor is additional peripheral equipment required. Operation is so easy that your employees do not need any special training.
Safety and Reliability

Safety and Reliability

The multiple safety features of all our products together with our patented, integrated filling and shut-off mechanisms have proven their worth time and again. This is what keeps batteries functional and efficient for many years.
Quality Management

Quality Management

The investment and technological effort behind our bfs plugs is extraordinary and safeguards their reliability. At bfs, every component part goes through numerous tests - from inspecting the plastic material to the final assembly. Carrying out several high and low pressure tests, we check the integrated decompression system. In our labs it is required that plugs go through very tough stress and fatigue testing. The specialized training of all employees involved in production guarantees that all processes measure up to the highest standards of quality.
Complete Post-Assembly Verification

Complete Post-Assembly Verification

100% reliable: before leaving the production facility, each assembled plug undergoes detailed functionality testing. Following positive test results, the plugs are marked with a date code.


The quality and reliability of bfs watering systems have been confirmed in numerous tests. This is one of the reasons why major battery producers around the globe trust our systems. Coveted internationally, the iF product design award that we won for our Plug IV now attests to the esthetic quality of our products as well. We feel that winning the award not only honors our engineers and product designers but also the credo of our company, which sees quality down to the last detail as an absolute requirement.
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