Time reduction in the development of special batteries for Asian forklifts

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About the company

Asian automotive manufacturer with a global presence.

Initial problem

They had forklifts from Asia, so the American batteries did not meet the standards of their unconventional requirements.


Design and manufacture a smaller battery (compared to conventional batteries) equipped with special 70AH cells and specific characteristics:
  • Special configuration of cells.
  • Design efficiency, since the molds had to be produced in the United States.
  • Correct optimization of the battery and its components in the shortest possible time.

Our solution

Using the Six Sigma design system, which proposes a continuous improvement of processes and reduces the possibility of early failures, the following work plan was followed with the IDOV methodology:
  • Identify: Analysis of the characteristics of the requirements of Asian forklifts to consider the profitability of the investment.
  • Design: The international consultants were brought together with the company's internal talent to quickly and efficiently design the battery.
  • Optimize: With an overview and prototypes, we optimize the battery to improve its performance and maximize productivity in the field, modifying the critical variables in the cells.
  • Validate: We carry out the necessary tests, validating every detail and concluding the manufacture of the first 70 AH battery in Mexico in record time. This was possible thanks to the close relationship with the mold manufacturers in the United States, who supported the creation of this product. In the end, an accelerated life test was done to confirm the battery's performance.


  • Custom model according to the needs and specifications of the Asian market.
  • Performance optimization during operation and performance (Ah per hour demands in each shift).
  • Higher productivity in the plant.
  • Today they have more than 20 batteries and an integrated monitoring system in operation.
We provide specialized advice for your logistics needs and we manufacture the ideal battery that will guarantee optimal operation and performance in your warehouse. We have a variety of batteries, from 5 to 33 plates, with the best production time on the market, and offering a 5-year warranty.

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