Custom lithium batteries for luxury car builders

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About the company

Our client, an automobile assembly plant in Aguascalientes with a high demand operation, required a special model with high efficiency and high loading speed. For this they had to migrate their lead acid technology to LITHIUM.

Initial problem

Most forklift manufacturers offer an extremely limited variety of lithium battery-compatible models, so their solution for those who want to operate with them is often to switch forklifts, adding extra cost by improving their process.

The customer wanted to have their equipment available for as long as possible, without having to replace it, so they decided to look for a custom battery that would suit their needs.


They reached out to us to help them:
  • Reduce your lead acid charging times by migrating to lithium.
  • Have a greater availability in your batteries to work long hours.
  • Change your batteries and chargers

Our solution

A special lithium model was made for them and we carried out tests with excellent results:
  • High loading speeds.
  • Great effectiveness and performance of our batteries.
  • Freeing up floor space to take advantage of it in more profitable ways in your operation.
  • An escalation option was offered to increase its capacity in the future.


  • Models with 8 to 10 years of estimated useful life.
  • Great energy savings by having lithium technology, which has an energy efficiency 15% higher than lead acid in rapid discharges.
  • With the best security system on the market.
  • Fast charge times up to 75% faster than lead acid.
  • Our batteries can scale their capacity according to the needs of the client, who for seasons requires a greater capacity to cover their operation.
  • The chemistry of our lithium batteries is the most used by world-class companies looking for safety and efficiency.
  • Our NCA (Nickel, Cobalt and Aluminum Oxide) technology is recognized for its best Wh / Kg performance.
  • LITHIUM technology allows us to optimize charge / discharge cycles and its adoption is increasing in all areas of the industry.
We provide specialized advice for your logistics needs and we manufacture the ideal battery that will guarantee optimal operation and performance in your warehouse. We have a variety of batteries, from 5 to 33 plates, with the best production time on the market, and offering a 5-year warranty.

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