Monitor relevant information about your battery online and increase the efficiency of your operation

Access immediately online

Our monitoring system can be used on any brand of batteries

  • Simple installation and maintenance. Anticipate problems and increase the uptime of your equipment.
  • Save money by optimizing your operations and make sure you are using your equipment in the most efficient way.
    • Do you charge your batteries in the most economical way?
    • Are you using the optimal size and quantity of batteries?
  • Get full control of your fleet and see how you want, where you want. Create custom dashboards about your most important KPIs and send notifications when any of the predefined values ​​change.

GET is an IoT system for optimizing battery and charger fleets.
With it you will increase efficiency and productivity.



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    Early fault detection
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    Evidence in operations, to propose best practices
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    Gathering key records to avoid premature damage
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    Customized reports and statistics
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    Extend battery life
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    Real-time information (not based on an event history)
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    Analysis of the information tailored according to your needs
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    Alerts at the moment for high temperatures, low levels, among others.
Prime power

For less than 1% of the cost of your battery, ensure its useful life and detect downtime in your operation

The GET system is your best ally in these times when visits to Distribution Centers are restricted. Forget about personnel visiting facilities, protect your work team and maintain the same effectiveness with this remote monitoring system. Avoid problems like:
  • User abuse
  • Incomplete charges
  • Lack of hydration
  • Lack of equalization
  • Deep downloads
  • Lack of rotation in batteries
  • Early fault detection

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With GET you will save money by optimizing your operations by ensuring that you are using your equipment in the most efficient way.

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