Best Series Batteries

Best Series Batteries

Dolor Alias
Dolor Alias
July 15, 2022
Best Series Batteries

Our Best Series batteries were manufactured from imported, highly engineered  MADE IN USA materials for industrial charging equipment.

They are the result of years of innovation and improvements, obtaining an optimized high-performance product. Learn more about this line of batteries.

World-class quality assembled , with MADE IN USA materials

In the absence of an entirely national manufacturing company in Mexico to produce this equipment, at Prime Power we saw the great opportunity to provide batteries with:

  • Highest quality materials
  • Specialized engineering
  • Optimized chemical formulation
  • Greater painting adherence
  • Great stability in the variables production control
  • The support of our expert staff

Advantages of the Best Series batteries

Some of the great benefits of this equipment:

1.- New environmental green color

  • Highly recyclable materials equipment
  • At the end of their useful life they can be reused to produce a new battery.
  • Better electrostatic bond of the epoxy paint.
  • A tray that does not rust, resistant to impacts and acids.

2.- New connector covers

  • Tightly attached to the connector
  • Avoids short circuits during operation.
  • In-house made connector cover.
  • Provides great support against rough movements and operations.

3.- New design label

  • Provides all battery specs.
  • With signage to inform about the type of compatible charging and construction.
  • QR codes to know its features through a scan.
  • Premium flat-plate design.

4.- Five-year warranty

  • Best warranty on the market.
  • Subject to the operating conditions of the batteries.
  • Directly with Prime Power for a total change according to the defect.

5.- Unique serial number per cell

  • Each cell has one unique serial number that indicates the date, month, year of manufacture, materials, manufacturing processes used, etc.
  • The only flat-plate batteries in America with full process traceability
  • Allows the evaluation of the individual quality of each cell.

6.- LED light

  • Visual indicator that allows to identify the electrolyte levels in the cells.
  • Allows to extend its useful life with optimal performance.
  • When the LED turns red, indicates that the electrolyte level is low.

7. Accessories

  • BMU Pro - Accessories available for monitoring
  • With automatic watering system.
  • We have a line of chargers for every need.
  • We provide complete solutions.

Manufacturing features

These are the specifications that make our equipment the best on the market:

  • Heavy Duty: Plates that withstand high temperature pressure and heavy workloads.
  • Opportunity Charging: Allows you to quickly charge the battery at any time of the day without creating a negative effect, as long as high frequency chargers are used.
  • Premium flat design: Improved formula for great reliability in its duration.
  • High quality grills: 100% checked by our quality control department.
  • Automated curing process: High technology to ensure homogeneity of the plates.
  • Visual controls: To avoid variations in our processes.
  • Temperature control by electrolyte recirculation: To provide high-level batteries with higher quality.

Best Series Battery Applications

The most relevant uses of Prime Power batteries are:

  • Ideal for all applications with electrical equipment for transporting or lifting materials.
  • From pallet jacks to equipment that can lift 45 tons of material
  • For special environments like mines and construction.

Secretary of Economy Award by Conacyt‍

We are the award recipients of the Support of the Mixed Fund for the Promotion of Scientific and Technological Research, by CONACYT and the Ministry of Economy of Mexico in 2009, thanks to our commitment to innovate with a high-quality product and world projection. At Prime Power we are a national manufacturer of high performance batteries for forklifts and material transfer equipment in the industry. Contact our advisors to know your operation and recommend the best solution.

Learn about our products and solutions that we have

Learn about our products and solutions that we have

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